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Monday, August 1, 2016


Verily, I am not a big fan of snake, its blood or even the meat.  For most people, snake is associated with evil. It makes many people are afraid of it, particularly for its deadly venom.

Every time I see snake, it always reminds me to the son of Apollo: Asclepius – the god of medicine in ancient Greek story. I am very sure that there must be a strong reason why Snake was so inspiring him so that he holds the rod firmly together with a coiled snake. And I assume that the venom of the snake has been used by him as lifesaving treatments at that time. As we all know, nowadays snake is part of the medical world symbolic brand.

I had the opportunity dropping by at one of the snake soup and satay seller at Mangga Besar area few weeks ago. One thing that I always admire from Edi - the street food vendor is their extraordinary courage to sell something that not everyone dare to eat. From the conversation that I had with him, I learnt that the snake meat has lots of health benefit, one of them is to cure problem with skin. He also taught me how to catch a snake properly and how to tease and play with a Cobra.

There is always some good behind things that we thought it’s a bad. And that’s apply to the venom of a snake.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Udah lama banget pengen nge-videoin cara bikin Cakue rumahan tapi gak pernah kesampean. Ada alasan kenapa Cakue. Karena waktu kecil dulu, suka banget makan cakwe sambil dicocol pake susu kopi atau susu kacang. Terus juga ketagihan kalo beli bubur ayam selalu minta ditaburin Cakue yang banyak!

Tempo hari pas lagi jalan kaki pagi, dapat ijin buat nge-shoot dari sepasang suami istri penjual Cakue deket rumah. Cakuenya enak dan garing, dibanderol cuman Rp 3,000 per satunya. Di video berikut ini adalah proses singkat bagaimana Cakue sebelum digoreng sampai disajikan.

Yuk, langsung aja kita nge-Cakue!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Papua – through my eyes

Just 10 days after my Saumlaki trip, my awesome office mate Dinda and I flew to Jayapura to accomplish our Papua field trip transiting towards Wamena, Jayawijaya. By air, distance from Jakarta to Jayapura takes around 3,700 km or equals to 5 hours 25 minutes. Direct flight of Garuda Indonesia GA-0656 departs daily at 23.20 from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Sentani Airport. The earliest flight to Wamena is by Trigana Air IL-271 at 07.45.

Feels like the memory still lingers inside my mind when last time I visited Wamena highland in 2013 with Ferry Salim – UNICEF Indonesia Goodwill Ambassador and Bank Central Asia. The Airport was not as good as the current one. At that time, I could even encounter some men wearing Koteka strolling around at the airport. But now, change indeed happens significantly. The airport is now managed very well and I felt so comfortable with the welcoming view of the beautiful mountain covered with white clouds. I could also see so many Javanese faces in the city becoming Ojek Drivers, selling typical Javanese foodies like Satay, Chicken Noodle, Meatball and even Cilok (steamed chewy balls made from tapioca starch)!
Children of Napoa Peak, Wamena | © UNICEF Indonesia / 2016 / Dinda Veskarahmi
Although the infrastructure development in Papua shows very well progress under President Jokowi programme, I can see that the inequality is still a huge challenge. High HIV cases among teenagers due to low awareness of information on HIV and AIDS; Villages without school; Children who live in a poor hygiene practice; Violence amongst parents and children – even between teachers and students; Puskesmas with trained supervisor but no trained cadres, and vice versa. Those are indeed  unfinished-homework for all of us – not just for the Government solely.
Children of Karogi Village, Wamena | © UNICEF Indonesia / 2016 / Dinda Veskarahmi
To me personally, working with UNICEF and going for a field visit is an opportunity to think and to re-think on how to incorporate relevant real action and bringing better impact to change the challenging situation. Equally important question that I should ask myself again and again: How much effort and contributions have I given out for the children in Indonesia through the professional work that I have done?

Selamat Hari Anak Nasional!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cita Cita Setinggi Langit

Kalimat menggantungkan cita cita setinggi langit mungkin sudah akrab di telinga kita sejak kita kecil. Pagi ini, dalam perjalanan dari Jakarta ke Jayapura menuju tujuan akhir di Wamena, kalimat itu kembali terngiang.

Waktu kita ingin menggantungkan sesuatu, pasti ada tempat yang dijadikan cantelan. Kelihatannya di langit tidak ada itu. Dari sudut jendela pesawat, coba kuintip. Ada awan yang asyik bermain, bercanda di taman langit biru. Ada matahari yang sedang mandikan sinarnya untuk manusia-manusia dibawah kolong langit. Kebebasan, keindahan, dan kemegahan - semua yang terlihat. Langit sendiri mungkin akan mengakui bahwa dirinya masih lebih kecil dari semesta. Dan semesta yang pun belum pernah kulihat, kupercaya memiliki Tuan atasnya.

Kembali ke masalah gantung-menggantung. Rasanya mungkin akan lebih sreg kalau kalimat yang digunakan adalah "Serahkanlah cita-citamu pada empunya pencipta langit dan semesta"

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